I arrived at Kahului on Maui in early January and set up camp at Kanaha Beach Park.  I had been planning on doing some volunteer work on farms, but both farms I had arrangements with bailed on me.  I ended up just becoming a beach bum, spending most of my time reading, writing, working on this website, and, most importantly, going to the beach.  The two or three mile long beach where I was living is renowned to be one of the best kiteboarding beaches in the world – due to the ever-present trade winds.

I didn’t too too much while on Maui.  I had been planning on hitchhiking around the island, but this did not work out as I had hoped.  I occasionally took a bus to the nearby beach town of Lahaina, above. On the west coast of the island, it offered excellent views of the sunset.

Occasionally, I would feel ambitious and hike along the 6 mile bike path to the nearby hippie town of Paia.

The only other noteworthy event during my trip would be a GMO protest at Whole Foods.  I don’t know if I could say I attended the protest; I just happened to be walking by when it happened…



I walked on the beach everyday and was sometimes lucky enough to spot a giant sea turtle or two.


I probably saw more rainbows in my three months there than in my entire life.



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